Top 5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Used Caravan

Top 5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Used Caravan

To make your budget stretch further, buying a secondhand caravan could be a smart way and also less on taking a hit on the depreciation. There are even 16-foot caravans for sale but you have to check with some considerations before making a purchase.

If you are a newbie to caravanning, then it would be useful to have an owner of the seasoned caravan on your side for support to identify the potentials. In equal, you should also know the important questions to ask your dealer or a private seller before making a purchase. Here are some top questions for your better understanding, you can ask this to have better clarification.

Is a warranty available?

It is your responsibility to make sure that the particular unit is providing the required quality. Purchasing from a dealer would tend to give you a greater level of protection. The caravan must also come up with satisfactory quality and should fit the purpose, as well as being as described.

Even on the used models, the reputable dealers tend to offer warranties, depending on the age typically between three months to a year. For example, the 16-foot caravans for sale may also have existing parts of its original manufacturer’s warranty. If there is no availability of warranty then it could be the sign that indicates that the problems could be anticipated with that specific unit.

Do you have the service records? 

If you are making a purchase from a private seller, then there has been no recent service of the recognized member or dealership of the association of caravan engineers. You should also arrange one before completing your sale as this would ensure that the caravan is roadworthy and able to flag up any potential problems that are hidden. You may buy any used vehicles like 16-foot caravans for sale, RV caravans for sale, etc but you are supposed to check the service records.

Do you have ownership id and proof?

You can check out this with a central registration and identification scheme check. You can verify the details of the registered keeper by just giving the VIN over the phone. You can verify details like whether it has been reported as stolen or it has been written off by the insurers or it has any outstanding finances.

Can I make use of a damp meter?

The moisture content is the most common problem in the older caravans but always it is possible to smell and see the damp part. Taking up a test with the help of the basic handheld moisture meter would be able to alert you about the serious damp problems when you are checking out the privately owned caravans. Every dealership services should have more sophisticated equipment for damp measuring on the site. You can freely ask them to perform the test on the unit that you are interested in.

End line

These are the important questions that you should ask before buying a used caravan. Make use of it to have efficient purchase and effective performance.