What Is The Current State Of Tesla Electric Cars

What Is The Current State Of Tesla Electric Cars

Electric cars are considered the future of cars as they are better for the climate. Electric vehicles include cars, transit buses, trucks of all sizes, and even big-rig tractors that are partially powered by electricity. Electric vehicles are categorized as battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and fuel cell vehicles. Tesla is one of such companies manufacturing different types of electric vehicles. Currently owned by Elon Musk, the company also supplies the US and other countries around the globe.

6 Keys to Tesla Future

Tesla electric vehicles are available in the market and visiting US-reviews will help prospects decide whether or not to purchase their electric vehicles. But find below a glimpse into the determinants of Tesla’s future.

The Cybertruck

The company recently launched the cybertruck with a stainless-steel bodied Cybertruck in November 2019. The vehicles come with several functionalities and are acclaimed to be bullet-proof.

The Company’s New U.S. factory

Tesla is opening its second vehicle assembling plant in the US. The company claims that the factory will be where the cybertruck, Model Y, and Model 3 will be built. Reading car companies’ reviews will provide information about the growth rate of the company.

How many people can afford electric vehicles?

This largely remains an open question, as electric vehicles are currently a luxury not every person can afford yet. If Tesla wants to make more money, they may have to revamp and redesign their vehicles and lower the cost of the vehicles to be affordable for more people.

Will their self-driving technology outshine its competitors?

Tesla claims to have made advancements in the autopilot technology. This, they say, makes the car to steer, accelerate, brake, and perform other functions in an automated fashion. With the claims they make, if their car does what they say it would do, the company would attract premium clients and customers.

Tesla Semi

Tesla aims at revolutionizing long-haul shipping as they intend on manufacturing a battery-powered vehicle.

Projected Categories of Electric Cars by Tesla

Tesla is a promising tech company because it has postulations for the near future. Some of their targets include:


Tesla is looking to increase the battery capacity of their semi-truck as they expect to produce over 3 million electric semi-trucks by 2030.

Luxury Vehicles

Tesla claims to currently sell 4 to 5 million vehicles per year. They state that their vehicle battery capacity would have an average of 150 or even 200kWh in the next 10 years.

Pickup trucks

The Tesla Model S has over 100kWh battery and there are predictions that in the next 10 years, the battery capacity could reach as much as 350kWh.


The revolution happening at Tesla only promises to get better. With Elon Musk currently at the helm of affairs at Tesla, there is all likelihood that the company will continue to push the boundaries of innovations when it comes to the manufacturing of electric vehicles. There has been a surge of patronage for electric vehicles as they have untold importance of helping improve the climate and mitigating the presence of greenhouse gases.