Rent A Lamborghini | Lamborghini Car Rental Service In Los Angeles

Rent A Lamborghini | Lamborghini Car Rental Service In Los Angeles

Live out your race car fantasies with a best Lamborghini car rental service in LA from the Cars and Caviar fleet. We have the Lamborghini Huracan in a variety of colors and trim packages, and we guarantee the best pricing and more free miles when you rent a Lamborghini in LA from Cars and Caviar.

See why the mere sound of a Lamborghini’s engine revving up causes jaws to drop all across the world.

With so much horsepower and style packed into one vehicle, you can’t help but stare at a Lamborghini, and you can’t help but think about it when you get home. Experience the magic of Bellisima Italia on Los Angeles’ metropolitan streets or by driving to Vegas and Malibu.



Prom in a Lamborghini is the ultimate fashion statement. While luxury does not come cheap, you’ll be astonished to learn that our rental rates are among the lowest, cheapest Lamborghini rentals on the market. So there’s no need to skimp on the best night of the year. Prom is, without a doubt, the highlight of any adolescent’s life. Dressing up in a stylish attire necessitates that your mode of transportation match the thought and care you put into your clothing. A ordinary sedan will not suffice. And if you’re the fashionista of your school, only a Lambo should be in your prom photos. Call ahead of time to reserve the Lamborghini you want for your prom night. We quickly fill up during prom season, so reserve your reservation today to avoid disappointment.


When the bride and groom are all about style and panache, renting a Lamborghini on your wedding day is the finest option. Choose from our exquisite and limited edition Lambos to transport you to your wedding venue. It’s exciting, carefree, and really fast. You may need to remind yourself that this isn’t a race to the altar. Don’t worry, once they see how wonderful you look next to your Lamborghini, everyone will forgive you. Then, years later, when the kids go through your wedding album and marvel at the unique, exotic car you drove on your wedding day, you’ll wow them all over again.


Every one of us is a speed freak, and you’d be amazed who leases a Lamborghini for a road trip. This car seemed to be calling out to the inner racing car driver that some of us were unaware we have. That is the allure of a Lamborghini. When you see one, even if it’s just sitting by the roadside, you can’t help but feel a great pull of emotion. Consider how amazing it would be to take this masterpiece to Las Vegas or simply drive the streets of Los Angeles. Road trips are sacred me-time, and your next adventure deserves a Lamborghini to transport you wherever you want to go, as quickly as you want.


It is relative to say that we rent cheap Lamborghinis. We believe that value for money is a superior term. Because, with each Lamborghini being a work of art on wheels, you can’t really put a price on the excitement and adrenaline you feel anytime you sit behind the wheel. However, in terms of inexpensive Lamborghini rental rates, our $700 beginning fee per day is a good offer. After accounting for the hidden costs of ownership, upkeep, and, of course, gas… renting a Lamborghini from us is starting to sound appealing. Enjoy all of the benefits of this vehicle without any of the drawbacks. We took care of things for you. We indulge you from start to finish, just like we spoil our cars in the garage, with everything from maintenance to cleaning and even white glove delivery to your preferred hotel, office, or event venue.


Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini has a one-of-a-kind genesis tale. Depending on who you believe, the first (and more romantic) account claims that Ferruccio Lamborghini was dissatisfied with his Ferrari’s clutch and went to the carmaker himself to complain. Enzo Ferrari didn’t have time and was offended that this individual would say something was wrong with his vehicles. Finally, he informed Lamborghini that the fault was not with the clutch, but with the driver! This irritated Ferruccio, so he left Ferrari’s office and swore to build his own exotic luxury car to compete with Ferrari’s.

Lamborghini built his first concept car at his facility in Sant’Agata, near Bolognese. The GT 350 was shown to the public at the Turin Autoshow in 1963. While its look was magnificent in comparison to its contemporaries, Lamborghini believed it didn’t make a strong enough impression and had it redesigned. This transition from making a supercar that could compete with Ferraris and other brands of the time to pushing even further to the design edge paved the way for what Lamborghini automobiles are known for today. The Lamborghini brand is now known for its outrageous design, prominent vents, sharp edges, and tougher lines than its competitors.

The Miura, named for the legendary Spanish fighting bull, was the car that started this trend. The stunningly futuristic design of the Miura set the tone for the rest of the supercars that followed. After the Miura, the Lamborghini brand was officially recognized as a legend.

Other significant automobiles followed over its career. The Countach debuted in 1974, with sharp angles and the now-iconic Lamborghini scissor doors. Unfortunately, the company’s past has not been that smooth. After a few years, Ferruccio sold the company to other investors, and while cars continued to be produced in Sant’Agata, ownership passed from Swiss investors to Chrysler, then to Audiā€”each company leaving its mark on the design and production of the legendary Lamborghini supercar.

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